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Specialists in surface treatment

Surface treatment for present and future generations


A surface treatment company dating back to 1947.

We are specialists in technical surface treatment with special chromium and nickel plating methods. For industries with really harsh environments that need to refine metals/components decoratively but in particular to improve their existing properties in terms of increased corrosion protection, wear resistance, hardness and refurbishment.

We currently work with surface treatment for the automotive, marine, plumbing, medical, energy, offshore, hydraulics and interior industries. Corrosion costs society large sums of money every year, choosing the right corrosion protection improves the conditions for sustainability, the environment and resources.

Functions of the surface treatment

Corrosion protection

Poor surface protection means replacing parts prematurely, creating costs and unnecessary consumption of energy and raw materials. Good corrosion protection can be measured by the ratio of price/performance and expenditure/results = long-term profitability.

Wear resistance

By coating a soft material, such as iron, with a harder metal, you can achieve improved wear resistance and a longer life for your product. Examples of coatings that improve wear resistance are electroless nickel plating, hard chrome plating, PVD.


Surface treatment can be a very cost-effective way to repair worn or damaged items that would be very expensive to replace with new ones, such as tools, rollers, and cylinders.


Decorative Chrome provides an elegant appearance that enhances the look of the details combined with improved surface properties such as wear resistance and corrosion protection.


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