We are closed for holidays during week 28-31 both in the office and goods reception.

About Covid-19

Information regarding the handling of Covid-19

We monitor this on a daily basis at management level to be able to quickly change and adjust throughout our organisation and quickly get new policies and directives out when needed.

We have established an internal code of conduct for our staff where we have reduced interaction between employees and, like many other companies, educated staff on the importance of personal hygiene etc.

If we are faced with the fact that a large number of our employees fall ill or are quarantined, and there is a possible shortage of staff, priority will be given to customers with critical functions.

Below are additional examples of our internal guidelines that apply.

  • If you feel sick and/or have symptoms, you should stay at home. Read more at the Public Health Agency.
    No morning meetings or other routine meetings
  • No visits to us or others.
  • No communal meals/coffee
  • All communal areas must be disinfected on leaving them.
  • Gloves should be worn at all times where possible.

Please get back to us if you would like further clarification or information.

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