We are closed for holidays during week 28-31 both in the office and goods reception.

Our environmental work

Together with our customers and other stakeholders, we will provide coatings that create the added value and meet the expectations placed on us, in the most resource-efficient and eco-friendly way possible.

Our customers and other stakeholders demands shall be our minimum, while we actively work to prevent and reduce our overall environmental impact by reducing emissions to air, land and water.

In order to fulfil our business concept and to work towards future visions, our environmental and quality work must be constantly improved. This is done by continuously reviewing and communicating our goals and policies to everyone in the organisation.

Our goals must be embraced and understood by everyone in the organisation. We shall comply with applicable legislation and everyone shall have knowledge and understanding of the environmental impact of our activities. We will, within the limits of our resources, constantly improve all processes to create long-term relationships with our customers.

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