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By adding Nickel and Chrome to an article, you can enhance the appearance of an article while also increasing both corrosion protection and wear resistance for the surface layer. There is possible to get different levels of both gloss and protection, based on what suits your requirements. With a nice shiny surface, you can with Nickel and Chrome get a “wow-experience” of the article, while it has a really good corrosion protection and wear resistance.

Today we can offer the same design without putting nickel under the chrome and in this way offer a product that is very suitable for allergenic people. The layer is 100% nickel-free but with the same gloss and design.

FerroProtect has a unique nickel plating system, Triplex. This has been shown time and time again to provide very good corrosion protection and wear resistance in harsh and exposed environments.

We have very good experience of details that must be both stylish and designed as well as withstand harsh stresses. We are happy to help you according to your needs both in terms of corrosion protection and appearance. Sometimes it’s just a matter of getting the right gloss or matte.

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