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New shareholders!


FerroProtect will once again be partly a family business, with CEO Kristian Löwhagen joining as owner. The company is also raising equity from corporate investors Erik Björklund and Magnus Clavegård.

“To now have the opportunity to reintroduce FerroProtect into the family is incredibly gratifying,” says Kristian, who is the third generation of the company’s CEO.

In the mid-1950s, Kristian Löwhagen’s grandfather bought the then 10-year-old company Ferroprodukter, later FerroProtect. The family ran and owned the business until the change of ownership in 2008. Together with private investors Erik Björklund and Magnus Clavegård, he is now returning as owner, thereby partially restoring the company to family ownership. As part of the deal, the production premises in Hisings Backa will also be purchased.

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