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Strengthening the corrosion protection of eletroless nickel plating.
FERLIT was developed to combine a hard and durable coating with good corrosion protection. The first layer is precipitated with NILIT which provides a ductile and pore-free nickel layer. To ensure maximum adhesion, the nickel plating is preceded by a specially developed pre-treatment. Then we coat the NILIT layer with electroless nickel plating to obtain a durable and hard surface. In cases where there is a requirement for hardness above 600 HV, the part is heat treated and we can then achieve more than 800 HV. This combination offers the desired hardness in the top layer while maintaining good corrosion protection.

The method combines the good properties of NILIT and Electroless nickel. The advantages of FERLIT are the even metal distribution, the corrosion protection and the hardness that contributes to wear resistance.


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