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Hard chromium plating with reinforced corrosion protection.
A process that complements hard chrome plating coatings to extend its benefits. The reason is that due to the fact that the chrome layer is usually much harder than the base material, microcracks form in the chrome layer, combined with a corrosive environment, this can lead to flaking and the risk of rust. This can be prevented by coating with NIKROLIT. A layer of NILIT between the steel and the chrome absorbs stresses that may occur during mechanical stresses or temperature shocks and thus prevents cracking down to the base material.

NIKROLIT provides a hard and durable surface layer with a low coefficient of friction, making it difficult for dirt and other contaminants to adhere to the surface. It has been observed that in environmental stresses such as marine or heavy industrial atmospheres, the corrosion protection of chromium alone is not sufficient.


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